Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA

'More cunning than a snake in the bush...Snake Dog India Pale Ale is a Colorado-style IPA, power hopped with specialty hops from the Pacific Northwest. This is the brewery's hop monster, and the citrus fruit aroma will hypnotize the senses of the most hardcore of craft drinkers.'

A recent gift from my father after his trip to Cinnci. Actually, his entire trunk was full of beer- six six packs! Thanks dad, this is going to be a busy blog month.

I have to say this is much better than the other ales I have tried from Flying Dog. This is a very 'sticky' IPA with a good amount of sweet malts that pair with the milder hops fairly well. Not one of those extreme IPAs but there is nothing wrong with that when the beer is as flavorful as this one is. I can see myself buying quite a few of these in the future.

I found myself going for my 'non blog' Snake Dog IPAs whenever I was heading to the fridge even with all the selection I had. I think that is a pretty strong endorsement right there.

Musical pairing: Comets on Fire- Blue Cathedral


Amateur said...

That bottle looks awesome. I'm a sucker for great labels and odd beer bottle shapes. Where do you think in the Northeast can I get something like this?

matt said...

Well they are based in Maryland so there must be somewhere around you that you can snag some! check out and ask them I suppose.