Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little Kings Cream Ale

Another gift from my father, thanks pops! I did a little digging into the history of Hudepohl Brewing Company and found out they were purchased by the Boston Beer Co in 1997 after almost a century of financial problems. That would make me 16 years old at the time, which was prime drinking time for me. I know I indulged in a few of these bad boys before I was of legal drinking age!

Little Kings aren't too bad if you are looking for a smooth drinker to get you through a hot summer day. This beer is pretty crisp with a lot of malt in the aftertaste (they sell it in 40 ounce variety as well if that gives you an idea of the malt factor) but it still doesn't come off as a super cheap beer. The weird thing about this beer is I didn't find it very 'creamy' but to tell you the truth I don't think I would have liked it if I did.

I would be fine with having a few of these cute little bottles on hand when I am not being a beer snob and would just like a simple beer. Little Kings is definitely a step up from an Old Style or PBR without the dramatic price increase that comes with most craft beers. Middle ground is not a bad place to be.

Musical pairing: Kiss- Destroyer


on-the-rocks said...

I haven't seen Little Kings in years. When my daughter was a toddler, her first sip of beer was a Little Kings, given to her by her maternal grandma.

I made sure that when my son had his first sip, it was Dogwood Stout, I wasn't going to let grandma beat me to the punch again.

matt said...

I might have to ask my father what my first sip was, I remember it faintly. An important time in a child' early development ha ha ha.