Friday, September 19, 2008

Tommyknocker Butt Head Bock

'This award winning doppelbock (8.2% alcohol by volume) lager is brewed with a generous supply of Munich, carapils, caramel and chocolate malts and is fermented with Bavarian lager yeast. The resulting caramel sweetness and rich mouthfeel are complimented by the mild bittering of German Hallertau hops. 1997 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal. 1998 Westword Mag. "Best Of". 1999 NABA Silver Medal. 2002 NABA Bronze Medal. 2002 US Beer Championship Best of Rockies. 2003 GABF Gold Medal. '

Well guys, that sure is a lot of medals! I have to admit I did enjoy this sixer quite a bit (thanks dad!). The 'Bavarian yeast' they speak of is very prominent in this brew, but it somehow does not overpower the other flavors. This puzzled me a little bit, how do you make beer with any semblance of balance with this much yeast? That usually overpowers the entire beer, but not in this instance. Its a mystery.

Anyhow- I can see why Tommyknocker 'Butt Head Bock' won a few of those awards as it has a very distinct taste going for it. Hoppier and less malty than most Bocks, which I found to my liking, Butt Head pulls away from its peers in small deceptive ways thats make a big difference in the end result. I could taste the caramel straight away but never really had a sense of chocolate in the mix at all, which is for the better in my opinion. This is a good beer and one that might take a few more six packs of 'analysis' before I can really pin down what makes it so damn unique. Definitely a good beer though and from a style that I usually am wary of.

Musical Pairing: Elbow- the Seldom Seen Kid (a mis-match of musical styles stirred together in a pot that somehow works extremely well. Plus, its relaxing.)

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Chipper Dave said...

I tried this beer out of a 12-pack sampler with 6 different Tommyknocker beers in it. Of the 6, this one was definitely my favorite beer from that brewery. Didn't have much of a head on it but I loved the taste. This is definitely on my buy again list. My review is at: