Monday, September 15, 2008

Lech Premium Lager

The Jewel Osco by my apartment used to have a decent beer selection, nothing ridiculous or hard to find, but I could go there when I was busy and needed a beer to plug into this blog. A half hearted renovation later and now the most obscure beer I can come up with is this garbage- Lech Premium lager, a Polish import by SAB Miller.

First off, the two bottles I have had of this were fairly skunky so it was hard to come up with any positive traits. The most powerful flavor in this swill was the 'dirty dishwasher' taste so prevalent in Eastern European lagers. What is up with that? Is there a demographic of people who enjoy that? I am starting to believe that region of the world either really hate America and use waste water in beers being exported or they are in fact flavor masochists. There was nothing about this beer that didn't scream 'cheap' from the bizarre sticky/fluffy head to the lingering aftertaste of watery cabbage.

I am fully expecting to have to moderate numerous comments from the East calling me a 'fag' and 'wanker' again just like when I trashed the Baltika line. That stuff was pretty funny and I will from now on approve your comments on my sexuality or intelligence. I like you guys, honestly. I think your part of the world has a very rich and storied history and are more than deserving of respect, I just cannot get into the beer!

Musical Pairing: Sonic Youth- Confusion is Sex (have fun listening to this lo fi mess)

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