Friday, August 22, 2008

Fat Weasel Ale

Pretty good stuff made exclusively for Trader Joe's (I think) by Steinhaus Brewing Co. I was convinced this was one of their many 're-labels' of another beer but I cannot find any definitive information online about Steinhaus either way. If you do not know what I mean Trader Joe's often repackages already available products with some clever name and then sells them at a lower price point. I know their 'Black Toad Ale' is actually brewed and bottled by Goose Island. They do this with a lot of products, not just beer. Anyway back to the Fat Weasel!

Fat Weasel has a great price point of $5.99 a six pack for a beer that stacks up with a lot of higher priced micro brews. This brew is of no specific 'genre' of ales as far as I can discern and is quite simple and mild on the taste buds. Maltier than a lot of ales I have been drinking lately but never nearing the whimsical realm of 'malt liquor' this beer is a smooth drinker. The hops are muted but still have a big presence in the aftertaste, which I also found to be a bit starchy. This is a nice beer for the fall, thats for sure.

Fat Weasel is a great example of a 'fridge filler' at its price point and drinkability. I wouldn't pick up a sixer of this stuff expecting to explore new beer territory, but its a good time and a steal at the price!

Musical Pairing- Badfinger: Best Of (very listenable power pop and also $5.99)

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