Friday, February 20, 2009

Flossmoor Station Master Wheat

'A golden, flavorful, and crisp light ale brewed with 33% wheat malt, our Station Master Wheat is distinguished by a hoppy yet smooth taste with a malty body and a subtly spicy aroma.'

I was very excited to see this bottle at my local Whole Foods so I grabbed it right away. Earlier in the winter I was able to find a bottle of Flossmoor's IPA, which was pretty good, but I neglected to blog that. Sadly, I wish I had given the IPA the write up it deserved (some other time, Flossmoor) because my experience with the Station Master is not as favorable.

I am not a big fan of 'light ales' and would never have known this was classified as such if I hadn't looked this brew up on the Flossmoor website just now (and if it was on the label, it might have swayed my purchasing decision). Drinking the beer, I knew right away what it was though. Watery, without much in the way of hops and spices and an overall disappointment.

I really do not want to tarnish Flossmoor as a brewery, because they have some great things going for them, I just didn't like this beer one bit. When I tried their 'milky way stout' in the Goose Island Stout Fest last year it was great, the beers at their brewpub were excellent, the IPA they bottled was damn good! Station Master is just one mis-step for them, and that's just my opinion, the brew has won awards and all that. I'm sure my next write up for them will be much more favorable. See you next time!

-Musical Pairing: The Clash-Combat Rock (great band, bad record)


UnkleFrog said...

When are you going to brew some more of your own?

matt said...

Hey Dad, batch #2 is fermenting right now!