Monday, April 26, 2010

Kilt Watch 2010 AKA Dark Lord Day

I hope you brought some entertaining friends and a cooler of good beer with you to Dark Lord this year, because that was the only way you were going to have any fun. The general consensus of people I spoke to in the line to end all lines was that this year's festival was a bit of a mess.

The lines were all exponentially larger than last year (45 minutes to get some lukewarm mini perogis? 30 minutes to take a piss? 3 1/2 months to get three bottles of Dark Lord?) and they were completely unorganized. I spoke to someone, who will remain nameless, who just walked up to the front of the line and purchased their bottles! This just shows how this event has outgrown what Three Floyd's can handle, which is only partly their fault.

The limited beer itself was, of course, excellent. This years Dark Lord had noticeably less alcohol warmth but definitely had more flavor going for it. My buddy Andy disappeared for quite a while and came back with a few glasses of the glorious motor oil. The caramel in the finish popped out at me, but he stated that this year had more coffee going on. This beer is so complex that everyone who had a glass of it had a differing opinion of what was the most significant flavor. I wish Dark Lord was available in the winter, the season it would pair up with best, but that would eliminate any festival (which might be a good thing at this point).

We also played a game which can only be played when 4500 of the 5000 people around you are white males- spot the kilt. Unfortunately I only got pictures of these two gentlemen, but my count at the end of the day was 6 or 7. Yes, one kilt was 'questionable'.


CorrND said...

Nice to have you back! I missed DLD this year but passed off my Golden Tickets to others and should have some bottles coming back to me.

Seems like every year the festival is on the verge of collapse and everyone says "no way they can host it here anymore." And yet, year after year, everyone gets their beer and everyone goes home happy.

There may have to be an all-out riot before 3F actually decides to move the fest! The thing is, the BYOB free-for-all is pretty much totally illegal and they get a lot of leeway from the cops at their current location. That would probably have to be nixed if they move, and that's arguably the best part of the fest. I'm sure that's a major reason why 3F hasn't moved DLD yet.

matt said...

Good to be back. I took a year off blogging and did some writing for fun. Now I think I can handle both, but we shall see!

This was my third, or fourth (damn memory), DLD and it was by far the messiest. I see no reason why they should stop the marketing train, but I doubt I will be going to another.

Also- I enjoyed 'pretty much totally illegal' from your comment.