Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

'Nothing refreshes you more than this naturally cloudy wheat beer with its wonderful yeasty fragrance and taste. Goes well with dishes that do not have too intensive a flavour, especially that Bavarian speciality 'Weisswurst' or white sausage.'

Here I am, browsing Fox and Obel with my Groupon (I might be turning into a yuppie), and I stumble upon this delicious looking German wheat. The price wasn't outrageous, which is saying a lot since that entire store is a price gouge, so I pop it in my cart after a little hesitation. Why did I hesitate? Because the label brought up the 'purity law of 1516' which in my mind reads as 'boring'. I fully expect hate comments from German beer enthusiasts after that statement. Danke for showing up, dudes.

Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier is actually really great,
I felt kind of
silly having such apprehension when popping it
the cart with the
overpriced cheese and meat I was
for half off. This wheat is
extremely malty, at least for my tastes
and has a pretty frothy
head. The
wheat is almost overwhelming
at first, but it
lightens up after a few sips
and you end up with a
refreshing beer in your hand.
I could have sworn
there were a few
drops of honey in this brew,
but that must
be because
of the malt
extract (or the beer police would have confiscated the barrels
and burned the place down, right?),
which added
quite a bit
to the complexity of

Drinking one of these guys was a nice change from the very artistic craft
beers and the plain 'sixers'
I generally consume. I hope to find a place in
the city that has Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier on
tap and drink maybe
a gallon of it or so, while the spring is still giving me cravings for wheat beers.


matt said...
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CorrND said...

Best Hefe ever.

And as you noted, it's pretty darn reasonable ($11-12 for a 6er around here) for a beer that was floated across the fucking Atlantic.