Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hamm's Golden Draft

What, you guys didn't think I was going to get all sophisticated, did you?

It is hard to find any information on Hamm's online, it seems to be MillerCoors' dirty little secret. There are fan pages, there are clubs, there is even a monument to the Hamm's Bear in St. Paul, but no official website. 2010.

You can go back a year or so and read my glowing praise of Hamm's regular if you like. I enjoy cheap beer (for the most part) and Hamm's is one of the cheapest and tastiest of the variety. In the extremely overpriced city of Chicago I was able to buy a sixer of HGD with a five dollar bill and still have change left over.

Hamm's Golden Draft is noticeably maltier than its non golden counterpart. Unfortunately, that is about the only difference between the two beers. I can't say that I enjoyed HGD over its regular cousin, but I would definitely recommend it over a similar trailer-chugger like Busch.

And now I leave you with a video-


Gantry said...

Do tell where you picked it up in Chicago, I don't think I've ever seen the Golden Draft.

matt said...

Foremost Liquors at California and Milwaukee has it and so does the extremely hobo friendly liquor store just east of Ashland on Chicago Ave. Let me know if you like it more than I did.