Wednesday, May 19, 2010

McCoys Public House

McCoy's is a quaint little pub in Kansas City, which my friend and fellow beer enthusiast Neal took me to during my trip to that fine city. McCoy's has a rotating selection of 10-12 beers that they make in house and a menu chock full of fatty pub food, so it was an easy sell to get me in there. Unfortunately they had some issues with their 'filtration system' the week before our arrival, so the beer menu had a lot of X'd out items. I ended up having a few IPA's and a Diesel. The pictures are dark and taken with an Iphone, which is going to be a theme from here on out.

Newcomb's IPA- 'Hops, hops, and more hops are what make an I.P.A. an I.P.A. Complex aroma balanced with smooth, rich malt. Winner of the Bronze Medal in English-style India Pale Ale Category at the 2002 and 2004 Great American Beer Festival. 6.9% ABV 70 IBU' -From the McCoys site.

Newcomb's has a nice clean bite to it, but I wouldn't say it screams 'hops hops and more hops'. The earthy finish (which reminded me of sunflower seeds somehow) is somewhat muted by what I felt was a slight excess of malts. Very clean beer that went well with my sissy black bean burger. definitely an IPA to be paired with food, and a good one at that. A steal at $4.

The Diesel- Half Root beer and Half Thompson's Dry Stout- 'Named after our brewmaster, this black ale has roasted flavor and smooth, rich texture; nitrogen-dispensed for frothy head. 3.8% ABV 45 IBU' -From the McCoys site.

This is something that Neal stated I 'had to try' so we ended up splitting one. This was interesting- very creamy with a warm, somewhat hoppy finish. I expected this to be a carbonated syrupy mess, but the the beer and soda actually blended together remarkably well. A step up in flavor from your standard 'stout float'. I could see myself indulging in or (or half of one again) every month or two.

Synopsis: I enjoyed the drinks and food at McCoys and will definitely hit them up when I am in KC again. I was a little disappointed that they had some technical difficulties that cut down on the selection, but what can you do?

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