Sunday, May 30, 2010

Olde Johnnie Ale by Cold Spring Brewing Co.

Syrupy malts, tastes like a cheap brown ale (not a knock, as I am not hating this beer), definitely mass produced. Yeasty head, despite a lack of carbonation and a nice amber color. For $3, this 'double pint' isn't a bad investment if you are looking for something to finish your night with, but I couldn't see drinking these all night. Lower standards, and prices, win out here.

This beer definitely lends itself to many frat boy nick names. So if you already have a nice micro-brew in hand and you are looking for a cheep night cap, then grab some 'Olde J', 'Johnnie O', or plain old 'OJ' at bargain bin prices. It's definitely better when you are already halfway there.

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