Thursday, June 24, 2010

Minhas Rhinelander Original

'For many years, the Rhinelander Brewery in far northern Wisconsin brewed Rhinelander Beer. This traditional German lager was favored by the immigrant inhabitants of the area. In 1967, when the Rhinelander Brewery ceased production, Minhas Craft Brewery continued this fine brew to satisfy the substantial following this brand had built over the years. Rhinelander has a clean flavor and a pleasant malty aroma with a Rhine taste and brief finish.' Minhas website

I enjoyed Minha's Mountain Creek Lager, so I picked up this sixer in Louisville over the weekend after filling my basket with glorious bourbon. I cannot say I was impressed. This beer has a soapy head, is too lightly hopped and bland, but it does taste clean. Rhinelander is alright for a cheapy, but not something I would purchase again given other options, including Minhas other brews. That being said, Rhinelander's great logo and low price point ($3 for a six pack) just might make me go back on my word and give it another try one day.

Musical pairing- ELO's Greatest Hits


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

As a point of info, the Minhas brewery went under new ownership where they decided to turn a classic northwoods brew into a malt liquor like product meant to be consumed under bridges and behind dumpsters. Rhinelander used to be a deeper and more complex beer and was a great bargan at the ultra low price. It's now being produced by a group attempting to bring it back to it's previous glory as the best of the cheap beers.