Friday, January 25, 2008


'By appointment to the Royal Danish Court'

To me Carlsberg tastes like a slew of different pilsners. Pilsners try so hard to go down smooth that they all taste very similar. Finding a defining characteristic of Carlsberg is difficult because of this but it definitely tastes more like a German Pilsner than a sweeter more fruity Belgian Pilsner. The strongest thing Carlsberg has going for it that it does nothing wrong, it might not excel at anything but it certainly does not disappoint by any means. The aftertaste is almost nonexistant so a gulp or a sip go down just as easy. This would be a good beer to be your first Pilsener in order to gauge if you are in fact a 'Pilsener person'.

Definitely recommended for those who like their beer to be lighter in taste but still with plenty of flavor to spare. I don't want this post to reflect that I in fact disliked this beer in any way, it is in fact quite good. I am intrigued to try their 'Special Brew' which is a strong lager. More on that later, I hope!

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