Friday, January 25, 2008


'Just a kiss of the hops'

'The beer that made Milwaukee famous'

As far as cheap beer goes Schlitz has a lot more flavor than many of its competitors. It has noticeably less sugar in it than, say, Pabst Blue Ribbon which means the hangover will be much less severe. I have always noticed than beer with lots of sugar in it gives you a more severe hangover the next day. Schlitz is a great beer for when you already are feeling a buzz from the good beer you have been drinking all night and would like to switch to a cheaper alternative. It has a nice earthy aftertaste that hides the fact that you are in fact drinking cheap swill.

Schlitz is not for those with more refined tastes, but luckily I am not one of those bastards. A decent working class beer, enjoy.


CorrND said...

The juxtaposition of Schlitz and Sprecher RIS is hilarious! I used to drink quite a bit of Schlitz back in grad school. I think I could get it on sale for $6.99/case sometimes!

Cool blog!

matt said...

I like a good cheap beer here and there, Schlitz is a good one thats for sure. I always have a case of some cheap stuff in the fridge, usually reserved for the weekends or for company.

A case still only runs around $9.99, which is great. It went a lot faster than the Labatt in my fridge, thats for sure.

And thank you for the compliment!


on-the-rocks said...

I recently posted on my Beer Can Blog my thoughts on another Schlitz brand, which was surprisingly drinkable - Schlitz High Gravity VSL (Very Smooth Lager).

Enjoyed finding your blog.

greg said...

This was my favorite beer when I lived in Venice Beach. I could get a 6 pack of tall boys for 3.99 and it's SO much better than say, Pabst (3.99 a 12-er) or the rice beers of America (i.e. Bud) and on a hot day in the summer in LA, it was pretty good.

No it isn't the best beer made by humans ever, not at all. But if you can get it, it's way better than other "cheap" beers or, as it's been described by folks smarter than I, as "mowing the lawn beer."