Saturday, January 26, 2008

Shakparo Ale

I never thought it could happen, but I found a beer that I fucking loathe. This 'Ale' made me wary at first because it 'Contains no wheat or barley' and it is 'African Style'. I was intrigued a bit so I bought it. Even though I had reservations on how good it could taste Sprecher had been treating me well this week so I thought I would give it a shot. which turned out to be a bad decision. This is what I imagine fermented fruit cups in prison taste like. There was a distinct 'Foul' taste to this that thankfully masked the 'Urine' aftertaste a little. For the love of god do not drink Sprecher's Shakparo Ale. I do not care if it is Kwanzaa and you are feeling sentimental while walking through the aisles, do not buy this beer. Sorghum and millet, the two main ingredients of this stuff are apparently harvested in hell itself. 'Fire brewed' Indeed.

Picture later so you can see it seriously looks like piss. I swirled it around and there was some gross enzyme looking stuff towards the bottom. I poured that out. A pint of this stuff literally ruined my night. STAY AWAY!


Stephen said...

sears, this blog is looking good.

matt said...

thanks man, link it with yours if you like. this is more my 'real blog' even though its not about me whatsoever.