Sunday, March 2, 2008

Maharaja Premium Indian Lager

'Produced from the finest malt and imported hops with the technical expertise of Belgian brewers.'

This a nice 'change of pace' lager if you are looking for something a little different. It is a little sweet but also hoppy with something kicking around in there that reminds me of grass. I actually could drink quite a few of these, they are affordable but taste of quality ingredients. One thing I am noticing about this beer is that the carbonation is very light, which I dig. If only I could pinpoint that secret ingredient! It tastes vaguely like chewing on a shoot of grass, which might sound wrong in a beer, but it works.

I think I had some of this at an Indian restaurant a few years back and it went really well with the meal, it cooled off my burning tongue adequetely. Of course anything hits the spot when you just downed a plateful of insanely hot curry! I purchased this by the bottle for $1.19, which I thought was a fair price. If you can pick some up you should as it is pretty good stuff that is unique enough to be worth checking out. Recommended.

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