Monday, March 3, 2008

New Belgium Springboard

'Ale brewed with wormwood, goji berries, and schisandra. Deftly, this spring brewed venture lands on its feet. Springboard combines oats, ancient Chinese herbs and Mt. Hood hops to maintain a balanced equilibrium for such an exhilarating ale. This cloudy blonde has a spirited threshold, and a creamy body, followed by a refreshingly dry finish.'

Ancient Chinese herbs? Did Egg Shen pull them out of the six demon bag or something? Once again I call bullshit, but I think this was more of an attempt at humor than anything else.

Lemon oriented citrus that I would swear was a wheat beer at first. Some spices I do not recognize (maybe the schisandra? I see a wikipedia search in the future) definitely fill this beer out. The more of this I drink the more complicated the taste becomes. I think I like this more than the other New Belgium beers I have had, but it is more of a starter beer than anything. Its refreshing and invigorating just like Spring itself. Springboard has me aching for 65 degree weather so I can drink a sixer of this stuff properly. An extremely well done seasonal beer. Recommended (in a few weeks).


Local Farmivore said...

dude, wormwood? really? that's odd...

matt said...

I thought so too, I also didn't taste any hint of it.