Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Schlafly Pale Ale

'Schlafly Pale Ale is a rich, amber-colored, medium-bodied, British-style ale with a smooth, mild hop character. Perfect for those hot summer days as well as a cozy winter fire.'

A beer for all seasons? Or only two? I never much believed in the whole "seasonal beer" thing. Hell, I could probably drink homebrew out of a rusty shell casing in the Bikini Islands after a nuclear test, and not really care if it was summer or winter. Coming out of the St. Louis-based Schlafly stable of beers, the Pale Ale brand gives a pretty good account of itself in all seasons. It pours out in a nice amber color with virtually no head and very little carbonation. Taste-wise(how many hyphens can you take!) it has pretty decent hoppy flavor without too much bitterness, and I daresay that it's "easy-drinking". It's a nice, pleasant ale that isn't offensive, yet it's got enough taste to where it doesn't seem like you're drinking Killians out of Solo cups at your little brother's college party. I realize that's not setting the bar too high, but if you enjoy a pretty good pale at an affordable price and you aren't a HUGE beer snob, then I'd recommend one of these bad boys.

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matt said...

I plan on drinking the entire Schlafly line up. I have an underground rail road of beer coming up from STL!