Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baltika 4 Dark Lager

I purchased all of these Baltika products at the same time and it is taking me months to finally be close to the end. Baltika Dark Lager tastes like malted stagnant water. Vile, foamy, dirty beer. This stuff might as well have tadpoles in it for effect. The second I cracked this bottle I knew I was in for a rip roarin', stomach churnin' time from our friends from Mother Russia. It stinks, I mean literally stinks. The only flavor I can discern out of this mess is yeast. Yeast!

I'm going to end this tirade right now. Don't buy this beer, or foolishly spend $20 on assorted Baltika products like I did. Baltika 4 might be the worst $1.49 I have ever spent. When was the last time you felt ripped off spending less than $2?

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Michael said...

I suppose every region has their version of (fill in the blank with the name of your least favorite American beer). While not overly impressed with most Baltika offerings, I've been a repeat drinker...perhaps I'm full of self-loathing and feel I must be punished.

Have you tried Baltika Porter?