Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Samuel Adams Longshot Weizenbock

This beer smells like bananas, which really makes me not want to drink it. Somewhat malty, slightly spicy with (I swear to you) an aftertaste that tastes like banana bubble gum. Maybe more of a Laffy Taffy than bubble gum, but not something you want in your beer.

The sad thing is this would be a decent beer if it weren't for that bizarre flavoring. It isn't something you could even get used to. It just does not work and could never work. Another beer ruined because it had to have a quirky motif instead of a good solid foundation. I'm starting to understand why Joe Q Public thinks that craft beers are pretentious and fruity. If this was the first craft beer I had ever had, which it might be for some, I would reach for a Budweiser to chase away the taste. At least I know that would be banana free.

Yeah, not a great night for me.


Chipper (Dave) said...

Don't expect to see Fat Tire in cans outside of Colorado for quite some time. Most of the canning is going to stay local due to limited canning capacity.

As for Russian River beers. Their brewer told me that they will be shipping to more and more states eventually. Just going to start with Oregon, Colorado and Washington first. They do have an Eastern US distribution plan. So who knows, Chicago area may get some soon.

Old Style - now there's a brand I haven't had in years. I used to live near Chicago about 26 years ago and Old Style was a beer I saw all the time.

Chipper (Dave) said...

You'll find that banana and bubble gum aroma and flavor in a lot of beers, especially Belgians. It's the yeast that makes it smell that way I believe. I don't like that smell in my beers either. If you get by the smell sometimes they aren't bad, but for me, smell is half the experience.

matt said...

You want some Old Style? Its something like $0.41 a can. Real pricey.