Monday, April 28, 2008

Dark Lord Day

We showed up too late to buy any bottles of the stuff, but still had a good time nonetheless. Hanging out with that many beer enthusiasts was a good time, people kept on giving us free beer! Gotta love that!

It was nice we were able to at least try the Dark Lord that they had on tap. It was really good, but not as good as the insane hype surrounding it, which I was expecting. Still a great beer that has a fun fest surrounding it. I wish i could have snagged a bottle so I could 'research' why there is such a craze around it. Oh well, always next year!

This is Andy, my partner in crime on this blog. This is right after eating a great barbecue sandwich and right before some guy walked up and handed us a bottle of Hopslam for no reason at all other than to be nice.

I am actually somewhat glad I missed out on the lines since a good half the people there had pretty intense sunburns. Long lines + sun + the most white people I have seen at one place= lots of red faces.

All in all Dark Lord Day is something I plan on attending annually. Plenty of beer, its closer to Chicago than you think and there is an Arby's and a White Castle on the way back to the interstate. What more could you ask for?

Well, maybe they could make a little more of it next year.


CorrND said...

"the most white people I have seen at one place"

And not only that, it was like 90% male. At the front of the line, the disparity was even greater, maybe 95% male!

Anonymous said...

What logging village is Andy visiting from? Dude looks like a lumber jack.

matt said...

Andy's a lumberjack and he's OK!

You jyust witnessed my first and final Monty Python quote on this blog.