Monday, April 21, 2008

Pabst Blue Ribbon

I know a few people have been anticipating this one, me being from Chicago and all. In case you didn't know Pabst Blue Ribbon (henceforth PBR) is one of the most popular cheap beers in the Second City. Every bar here has a PBR night where they sling this stuff for around $2 a pop. This particular 24 oz beer I purchased at a grocery store for $1.49. This stuff is cheap, which is great and all, but is it any good?

Well, no, not really. Even by the standards set by other cheap beers Pabst is of distinct low quality. Its watery, full of processed sugars and tastes like it has some form of starch in it. Yum. When its ice cold you can slam these down just fine, believe me I have had hundreds of these out of convenience, but God help you if they are the slightest bit warm.

Ok I'm going to try and think of the positives of PBR for a second instead of trashing it right off the bat. You can buy a thirty pack of Pabst for $11.99. That is $0.39 a beer, plus tax. If you are extremely poor and it is driving you to drink, that decision pretty much makes itself. You can see why PBR is the self loathing homeless man's beer of choice.

It's also better than Milwaukee's Best or Ice House. Ok thats all I got. See you at $2 PBR night!


Matt said...


Brew Bits said...

I was on a PBR kick for a little while. Like about a 12 pack's worth. Then I realized beer that cheap wasn't really worth it. I do like the 24 oz. can!

JK Wise said...

Ha, that's hilarious. A friend and I bought a 30-pack last Thursday, mostly because I am getting poor, but also we wanted a bunch a cheap cans to share with other friends. Our other friends only had a couple. After the concert, just my friend and I ended up finishing that bad boy ourselves later that night/morning. And once the PBR was gone, then I had to have one of the good beers in my fridge, to, um, remember what good beer tasted like.
P.S. For cheap beer, I actually prefer Schlitz or Old Style. Or Colt 45.

matt said...

JK Wise:

Colt 45!?! Really?

I hear you on the Schlitz, kind of on the Old Style (its slightly better).

Brew Bits: I would buy a 30 case of 24 oz cans, just to see if I could carry it to the car. Drinking it would be less fun.

Anonymous said...

pbr is so much better than old style. just sayin. fuck the cubs!